Flight Instructor Module

What is FI module for?
The training will prepare pilots to become flight instructors. Pilots with FI can train other students in the PPL module.

  • Age: at least 18 when starting the module
  • Medical: valid medical certificate EASA class 1 or class 2
  • Licenses and ratings:
    - Age of min. 18 years when starting
    - valid pilot licence, with SEP rating
    - Medical class 1 or 2
    - CPL(A) license or PPL(A) with 150 hours of pilot-in-command time
    - Completed a preliminary test within 6 month before starting the module
    - Completed basic IR part (10 hours – max. 5 on FNPT-II SIM)
    - Completed CPL or ATPL theoretical exams
    - 100 PIC hours and 200 hours total flight time for the final skill test
  • 30 hours of methodical flights in order to learn the different approaches in teaching the flight techniques.
  • 5 hours from total 30 can be mutual flying hours (with another candidate for an instructor).
  • During the 25 hours of the dual phase, the student will learn to demonstrate and correctly teach PPL exercises & procedures. Future Flight Instructor will also gain competences on student performance evaluation and corrective measures.


MFA Flight Training Academy holds Approvals from EASA, Maldivian CAA and Slovenian CAA:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
What does Module mean?
A module is a self-contained course that usually lasts for one term. It covers just one subject and is assessed independently of other modules.

What does PPL stand for?
Private Pilot Licence.

What does CPL stand for?
A Commercial Pilot Licence.

What does ATPL stand for?
Airline Transport Pilot Licence.

What does SEP stand for?
Single-engine Piston Rating.

What does MEP stand for?
Multi-engine Piston Rating.

What does MCC stand for?
Multi Crew Coordination or Multi Crew Co-operation.

What does IR stand for?
The Instrument Rating.

What does FI stand for?
FI stand for Flight Instructor.
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