Multi-engine Piston/Instrument Rating

What is MEP/IR module for?
In order to fly airplanes with two or more engines, a multi-engine rating is required. This is an essential step for commercial pilots and an interesting extension for the recreational pilots with more ambitions..

  • Medical: Valid medical certificate EASA class 1 or class 2
  • License: EASA PPL(A) or CPL(A)
  • Rating: Valid IR/SE
  • Flight hours - complex plane: 8 hrs
  • Flight hours - simulator: 3 hrs
  • Exam flight: 2 hrs


MFA Flight Training Academy holds Approvals from EASA, Maldivian CAA and Slovenian CAA:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
What does Module mean?
A module is a self-contained course that usually lasts for one term. It covers just one subject and is assessed independently of other modules.

What does PPL stand for?
Private Pilot Licence.

What does CPL stand for?
A Commercial Pilot Licence.

What does ATPL stand for?
Airline Transport Pilot Licence.

What does SEP stand for?
Single-engine Piston Rating.

What does MEP stand for?
Multi-engine Piston Rating.

What does MCC stand for?
Multi Crew Coordination or Multi Crew Co-operation.

What does IR stand for?
The Instrument Rating.

What does FI stand for?
FI stand for Flight Instructor.
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